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Blockchain Technology

While the world is debating on Bitcoin, Partners Group had recently (2 months ago) adopt the bespoke blockchain technology behind it with the intention of streamlining operations and increasing the security of our billion-dollars transactions.

The idea is pretty simple. Instead of having the standard back-and-forth exchanges of the transaction details (in pdf, excel spreadsheet) through emails (which many have increasingly believe is insecure and prone to hackers) with the banks, PG utilizes the blockchain technology to verify these transactions and have a shared ledger 'publicly' available for the banks to further verify.


While the tangible benefits of using the technology have yet to be seen, blockgeeks mentioned how it is going to the change the landscape of finance.

What is Blockchain Technology?

As far as I'm interested to see how this initial adoption turns out, since this will be more on the Investment/Treasury side, it won't affect my team that soon.

I am more interested to know how could this be adopted for AML and KYC part as Blockgeeks highlighted in their sleek graph. Since AML/KYC is what my role covers on a day-to-day basis, it'll certainly be an intriguing task building it from the ground up if it was ever considered in the company.

After the next 1-2 years, perhaps. The learning curve is not something which simply anybody could handle.



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