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Drinking Game

Office ends early on Friday for the team.

No dinner yet. Supper later? Or we can eat while drinking.

The bar is a mere few minutes from the office.

Streams of people start to walk out of the office, shoving each other playfully, looking forward for the well-deserved weekend.

No alcohol yet, but happiness and relief is in the air.

Reaching... The rooftop bar.

Oh wow. The place is.. Small. But it's classic. Vintage, as you'd call it. Well, place has been decided. We'll have to make do with the space.

3 Jagerbombs are poured for each person present to celebrate the successful transition of the company restructuring. Gulp them in a few minutes, they did.

For the future!! And they toast.

People cheering, and more cheers ensue. Smiling at each other, laughing, probably the best time of their lives. Small talks begin at some sections of the rented level.

Bottoms up! Someone suggested.

It's just 6 pm but people have had multiple vodka shots. They've become rowdy and now the servers are involved too.

More people are coming. The crowd's getting bigger. Place is getting smaller by the hour.

Those that have come earlier encouraged the new joiners to drink to honor the first time comers.

I'm drinking a supposedly water turn brandy mixes.

Speeches from the hosts.

And more drinking around the table to honor the hosts.

It doesn't stop there. It was only 8 pm. More people go to you and challenge you to drink more. We're here, they say. Enjoy it! Enjoy it to the max!

I concede with the thought that I'm not gonna be the party pooper.

Open your mouth, drink it from the bottle!

More tequila shots...from the bottle.

By now my head have started to hurt, but no, I can still take it.

Yeah, this is it! The proudest moment of my life - breaking my previous drinking record without vomiting.

So... more drinking. It's happy hour now. 1 for 1 for the mixes. There's no stopping. Order more. Yes, more! I can't even remember what I drank - just keep drinking.

The elder people don't drink so much, but the younger ones keep pouring.

I am still sober, head hurts, but I get quieter by the minute. Quiet drunk, I'm guessing.

More, and more.

And more.

Finally I excuse myself to the restroom. Realizing that it's still 10 pm and there is no reason to leave the party that had only just started.

So we continued.


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