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Time's running
Clock's ticking
seems like it's not on my side
coz it doesn't feel rightToo young to know
Too old to grow
If I let go of the sorrow,
will everything be better tomorrow?Months from now
I have no idea how
If I'm gonna fly
or I'm gonna dieUncertainties
still getting used to it
or Opportunities
another way I can look at itPray
for another day
even if today has gone astray
Don't stop halfwayLove
like a dove
never let go of the treasure cove
whatever tries to shoveHope
and cope
try to widen your scope
have faith climbing without the rope

13 Reasons Why (by Jay Asher)

The Netflix TV series of Hannah Baker, the girl who committed suicide and recorded her side of story with the 13 people who contributed to her final decision to take her life, sounds like any other chick flick. Hannah Baker is a teenage girl who has just moved from a city to a suburban and is in the process of searching for a new identity, which unfortunately was steadfastly defined and sexualised by her new friends. Things went spiralling down after that but this is pretty normal, isn't it? Why did Netflix aggressively advertising it? (apart from the reasons that having these series cost them a lot of money) Listening to her suicidal reasons was rather intriguing. As a self-proclaimed adult myself (although I'd still think I'm a kid at heart) my first thought as an observer is that her focus was wrong. So much effort is being put into recording herself before making her final decision, but it doesn't actually change her initial decision to take her life in the end. He…

Drinking Game

Office ends early on Friday for the team. No dinner yet. Supper later? Or we can eat while drinking. The bar is a mere few minutes from the office. Streams of people start to walk out of the office, shoving each other playfully, looking forward for the well-deserved weekend. No alcohol yet, but happiness and relief is in the air. Reaching... The rooftop bar. Oh wow. The place is.. Small. But it's classic. Vintage, as you'd call it. Well, place has been decided. We'll have to make do with the space. 3 Jagerbombs are poured for each person present to celebrate the successful transition of the company restructuring. Gulp them in a few minutes, they did. For the future!! And they toast. People cheering, and more cheers ensue. Smiling at each other, laughing, probably the best time of their lives. Small talks begin at some sections of the rented level. Bottoms up! Someone suggested. It's just 6 pm but people have had multiple vodka shots. They've become rowdy and now th…

This Close to Happy (by Daphne Merkin)

Similar to the main character in the story, I met depression quite early in my life. It was unplanned, although my mother realized it at the onset of its development and blamed herself for not protecting me enough. She suggested seeking a psychiatrist but I persisted that it'll go away. Stubborn as I always am, for quite a while, it's gone. I made myself busy and was left with no more energy to feel depressed or hear those voices that call me back to depression. It was merely running away from it. The stigma surrounding depression is never a pleasant one. Society was not as forgiving last time - I don't think even now they do. People who are not depressed are not able to understand that feeling of extreme emptiness - unfillable by anything from this world, or another world. Society finds these sufferers unbelieveably ungrateful with the life they've been blessed with. But it has nothing to do with that. It's just there, it doesn't want to leave, our past insecu…