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The Key to Yourself

The key to understanding other people is by understanding yourself. Not by gaining more knowledge about hard facts, but by knowing yourself more.

I'm a generalist, I specialize in knowing what people specialize in, but not knowing the exact how-tos of things. I'm emotional, but it doesn't mean I'm not logical. I'm a doer, yet at the same time I'm a thinker. I can contemplate long enough to come up with several best and worst case scenarios, but jump into action almost immediately based on impulse when needed. I'm a problem-solver, but the fact that I made my absence felt only when trouble arises, arguably, hence, I could either be the problem or the solution. It depends on the situation, really.

I can go on and tell you all of the things I've discovered about myself (if you really are that curious to know) but all I know for certain is that I have so far managed to be anything I'd like myself to be, it only depends on whether I want to. Everything is in the mind. Everything. You just wish it, you just want it, work on it to be it and you'll be it.

But in order to arrive at that stage of knowing yourself that much, it is through knowing other people.

You can't go around telling people that you're as such and expect them to understand all of you entirely. We see the world as we are, other people's words are interpreted differently, no matter how similar your background is. Seek first to understand before being understood, and try to understand as much as possible. When we do, little by little, people will be more understanding and less judgmental of us. We could open ourselves more in our own way.

Discovering myself change over the years sometimes scares me. Some mornings I'd wake up disgusted with what I have become, or exhilarated by what I have achieved. But there are core values which you'll never compromise, no matter what happens, if you realize. A word from my boyfriend, is that there are 3 core values that in my constant transformation has never changed, my integrity, my resilience or rather my inability to give up, and my child-like inquisitiveness.

So find your 3 to 5 core values that you'd know is the essentials of your being - what makes you, you, protect it while keep moving forward and making good changes in the world. Our world needs it now more than ever.


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