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Need v Want

We walked home to have our dabao-ed dinner after work.

On the way to the bus stop that has the bus which will bring us home directly, my boyfriend dragged me to buy a Gong Cha, thinking of completing the meals we brought home. He stood there looking at the menu for 5-6 seconds but decided that he didn't need any.

Why? I asked, thinking that now we earn money from work, esentially to spend, money wouldn't become a problem. There are still the fruit juices cartons that we bought the other day, let's just finish those first, I'm changing my mind, he answered.

Not an apple to apple comparison between milk tea and juices, but his logic to finish what we still have stands. Buying the drink will be unnecessary.

Not long after, we passed a mama shop (convenience store) and he asked me if I'd like to buy the melon milk that I tried once and ended up liking before. Doesn't necessarily have to be finished today, you can keep if for later, I thought. I peered to the store, tempted, but after a few seconds decided not to buy either. I might not have the time to finish it later, or I might forget about it.

Not long after we pass a small bakery - the smell of freshly-baked bread is still in the air. The aunty who's selling them was shouting, "$1 for 1!" A lot of people crowd to the bakery, hoping to satisfy their craving instantaneously. I almost went there too, but thinking that there were some baked stuff my flatmates brought home, I decided not to.

Across all of these examples, dinner, Gong Cha, melon milk, bread probably for the next day breakfast, which do you think are needs, and wants?

Hint: Simply the basic human needs for survival, not the extras to make you feel good almost immediately.


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