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05/05/2017 Public Speaking

My Table Topic: "Loving"

Improved version: Hard for me to relate, because although every parents intended to raise their children that way, I didn't feel it, that love. My parents are not divorced, but I grew up learning that emotion, being loving, is pricey. It interferes with your decision making. But as I grew up, I learnt that this is not always necessarily the case. And that being loving actually helps in improving my relationship with people. (There were a lot of pauses, that's why I managed to reach a minute)

Improvement from the previous: I managed to slow down and actually think of something to say (although I did freeze out for a few seconds) instead of rushing through my speech and rambling aimlessly.

For future improvement: Have a conclusion.

Others today: Roger's First IceBreaker project, Putu's project: Bringing Jobs Back to U.S., Farah's storytelling project: Ginger Bread Man. Melvin's Table Topic Master: Character traits.


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