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My Bucket List

Everybody has one bucket list - it gives them the sense of purpose on what one-off event that hopefully could happen in their lives.

I've never had one, so I'm going to write it here and fingers crossed, hopefully some of them come true!

- Try Archery
- Try Skydiving
- Try Skiing, Snowboarding
- Have an ultra fast internet connection and at least 2 desktop screens
- Win a public speaking contest
- Give a keynote speech in my almamater, or anywhere else in that matter
- Get picked to be mentored
- Be a mentor
- Buy a house and a new lifestyle for my parents and visit them 3x a year no matter what
- Have a beach house in a private island
- Perform (sing) pop songs on stage
- Win the Women Entrepreneurial Award
- Sleep under the Aurora
- Own a dog, and a falcon
- Have a blog like Seth Godin's typepad
- Publish a book (fiction)
- One month travel to immerse myself in the local culture
- Get paid to travel to seek new global opportunities
- Caligraphy
- Headhunted to be CEO of a large MNC
- Complete a finance certification, i.e. CAIA, CFA, FRM
- Get a scholarship to complete a master/second degree at a renowned University, i.e. Harvard/Oxford
- Meet and get Warren Buffet, Jeff Bezos, other value investors like Steve Iceman, David Rubenstein, KKR (Henry Kravis, Jon Kohlberg) and PG founders that I meet to take an interest in me and 1) hire me, 2) mentor me
- Win a relaxing holiday trip to an exotic island, i.e. Maldives?

For now I guess this is not specific enough but it will be over time!


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