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(Eye) Scars

"Since it has been scalded so many times, it may be permanently scarred and affect your vision adversely." So the corneal specialist-ophthalmologis cast his verdict.

From the outset, the eyes look rather normal. Too normal, in fact. The eyes of Dry Eyes Syndrome sufferers don't show visible and unusual signs, i.e. prolonged redness that warrants further examination. It doesn't show anything much except occasional slight redness and occasional overproduction of tears (even when it's not red). But the sufferrers feel utterly intermittent discomfort.

(Severe) Dry Eye Syndrome sufferers live a debilitating day-to-day. Prolonged exposure to moving air (cold/hot/normal), creates dryness, burning sensation - signs of inflammation of the eyes. A normal human being, will, open his eyes and be exposed to moving air even when he doesn't want to. The air we breathe is the only air, and it always moves.

In addition, the condition creates photophobia, where normal intensity of light becomes unbearable. Suddenly, they're afraid of bright places and like darker places more.

At its worst, it creates another name, a Corneal Erosion, where there is no lubricant between the eyelids and the eyeballs. You wouldn't realize this until you go to sleep at night and the next morning (if you're lucky)/in the middle of the night, you are suddenly awaken by a sharp friction when your eyeball moves. When the eyelid closes and whatever remaining lubricant runs out throughout the night, the eyelid will literally stick to the eyeball. When you open your eyes, then you'll know whether it has torn the outermost layer of the eye, the epithelium of the cornea.

The first three specialists I went to couldn't quite point out what was wrong. Even when the fourth one finally did and gave me the correct temporary treatment (Autologous - mixing my own blood serum with a normal eye drop), have failed miserably to warn me of how the recurrency of my condition could affect of my vision permanently.

Now, hopefully on the road to full recovery through an eventual, more invasive laser treatment, my hours, not days, are colored with preservatives-free and antibiotics eye drop, and more blinking.


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