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Do or Do Not

Do or Do Not, there is no try.

Short, but very impactful quote from Yoda in Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back.

I'm not a huge fan of Star Wars, but surprisingly I've been living my life as suggested. In other people's opinion, I may have taken this too literally in an extreme way. But you know what? It works. That single-mindedness to accomplish something is really what is needed. No good results ever come out from doing things half-heartedly.

A couple of examples are as follows:

If I'm gonna have to keep fit during my college years, I might as well join a sports club - the most extreme, most daunting yet simultaneously most prestigious mountain climbing co-curricular activity among others during my years. That was some tough shit for 2 years - similar to  the National Service training, but for girls and while I was studying full time.

If my friends in university are gonna be those working full time in the day and studying part time at night, I might as well do the same so that they don't think of me as the spoiled brat who takes her time studying and demanding them to be similarly productive during group projects. Hey, we're on the same boat. (I worked multiple part time jobs and started my online business then). I did this too in 3 years.

If I found a guy who loves me and wanna work on our relationship, this is good enough. After all, anything worthy isn't an overnight sensation, but built upon over time consistently with both sides' effort. Constant communication is the key. We've been together for 6 years now.

If I'm gonna be moving to a new company, I better make sure I have given it my all in the previous company so that there is no regrets or second guesses that I could've done better. There is only assurance that I'm seeking for something more suitable. Checked! Always. I never looked back.

If I have a strong intuition that something is worth pursuing and fighting for, albeit with a lot of hard work, let's do this (in the process of getting myself certified, network with more experts in the company, keep moving on).

Nobody becomes successful in anything only through 9-5. Like my sports teacher used to say, "You need to think about it all the time - the moment you're awake, when you're bathing, eating, showering, anything! And do it with the thought of 'Cannot also must can!'. That's the only way to success.


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