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When you were a baby, you learned how to say your a b c.

Strings of sentences started to form when you were a toddler.

When you're in kindergarten, you learned how to communicate what you wanna know more - why is the sky blue, why is the grass green, why can't you drive..yet, even though you pretended to be the number one racer in the world.

When you're slightly a bit older, you learned that not everyone thinks like you, and got into disagreements, fights, and went home with bruises after school. Words could hurt or could be soothing.

You learned over time that there are ways to get people to do what you want besides fighting, got away with it, and discovered to be a fraud. Good job.

That cute girl/boy that you were looking at the other day, s/he likes you too. You got together and learned that there is an entirely different universe than yours alone.

Your professor didn't like how you disrespect him in front of the whole class simply because you asked a question he can't answer. He gave you a bad grade for it.

Hustling your way during work isn't much of a choice, you've already started to realize that age gap, culture gap, background gap, whatever gap is there between you and your boss that could be a problem.

But you went through a lot of things already and became a better communicator.

At least that's what you think till you gave your first corporate presentation and realized that you..need the Toastmaster (public speaking) class.


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